Friday, 16 October 2015

Caligula’s Horse - Bloom (Album Review)

Track Listing:
  1. Bloom
  2. Marigold
  3. Firelight
  4. Dragonfly
  5. Rust
  6. Turntail
  7. Daughter of the Mountain
  8. Undergrowth
  9. City Has No Empathy (Acoustic)
The third album released by Caligulas Horse has seen the bands most significant leap forward to date.  Setting the bar higher than ever before, Bloom is brilliant blend of progressive sound coupled with a wide range of genres and styles.  This beautifully crafted homogenisation of unprecedented excellence clearly demonstrates the raw passion drawn from its creators.  Intensely forthright is a term I would attribute to the creation of this work as Caligula’s Horse appear to have shuffled off any requirement to sound like any influential predecessors and provide an album of honesty to their true sound.
Our title track Bloom eases into the album with a tremendously restrained and beautifully delivered track that will make you ‘wake up’ at the appropriate time and pay the album due attention to the metaphorical floral metamorphosis.
Marigold impressive lead guitar opener is itself a perfect representation of the groups approach to their music as it zag zags between traditional metal and a progressive rock note ballet.  An enormously uplifting sound is achieved by the band both collectively and individually.  The placement of this track is perfect because you feel thoroughly engulfed with excitement for what may follow on the album.

Firelight is a track that comes to life before our ears, veritably swelling into existence, born of emotional outpouring.  This uplifting track is sensational both musically and lyrically, and although I wish the band every conceivable success, I do hope this track doesn’t suffer the undignified accompaniment to the new model ‘whatever’ advertising a motor vehicle headed for the horizon, rather than being left to its intended subject.

The album progresses to a true benchmark track titled Rust that demonstrates the bands capabilities without going over the top in a ‘try to kick your arse’ overstretched attempt at the incredible. Bravo CH, very well done.   The only negative I would attribute to this track is that it leaves you wondering if they could possibly top it.  But true to the production perfection of this album, Turntail lifts you into an atmosphere of unexpected glee and a realisation that Caligula’s Horse have no intention of including any half arsed album fillers.

We again are subjected to a tremendous celebration of vocal capability, mixed with impressively fitting riffs, instrumental peaks and troughs, and percussive brilliance in the drum tracks.

Undergrowth relaxes us back to reality and fittingly gives a distinct impression of the group musically disappearing back into a milieu of foliage and leaving the listener a sensation of ‘until next time’.  In itself and exciting concept, however this album will keep listeners happy for a long while. 

Tremendous work by Caligula’s Horse and all concerned.  A truly august album of musical brilliance and a career milestone for the band.